Charles Warrington
Technical Communications


We specialize in user manuals, but we also have experience producing documents for expert audiences. We use industry-standard tools, including:

  1. FrameMaker

  2. InDesign

  3. RoboHelp

  4. Word

  5. PhotoShop

  6. Illustrator

  7. Acrobat

  8. And More

We have a successful track record pulling together with Engineering, Marketing, and other departments to produce clear, concise, and accurate documents and help systems. We are diligent in reporting bugs and usability issues in a timely manner to ensure a high perception of quality for the user.

  1. Manuals

  2. Photos

  3. Illustration

  4. Web Help

  5. Microsoft HTML Help

  6. Windows Help

  7. Marketing Collateral

  8. Websites